A Brand New Thing … (Part 1)



I’ve been keeping a secret.

So many of you have been there over the years as we shared whatever journey we found ourselves on. In the past we have been very transparent, though I occasionally had my doubts about it. In the end I was glad that we shared. So many of you followed the old blog, prayed with us as we made feeble attempts to walk out our faith, and in doing so you got to see how God showed up in big ways. We saw Him accomplish more than we could have even thought to ask, and we were forever changed.

I have mostly kept quiet for the past two or three years, but it certainly wasn’t because there wasn’t anything going on behind the scenes. I wrote about it, alright. I will probably always write. I just turned to a pen and prayer journal instead of a keyboard.

I knew God was writing a story, and I considered blogging about it many times. There were so many pieces and I couldn’t see how God planned to fit them together. I doubted that I could weave it all together on a page for you so I thought maybe I’d keep it to myself forever.

Then today, something happened.

I was straightening a bookshelf and found an old prayer journal. When I opened it, it flipped right to the beginning of this “chapter”.

A feeble attempt at bold prayer. A God-sized dream, and 2491953 reasons He’d have to come up with the solution I just couldn’t see.


To be honest, I shivered a little.

I had forgotten.

I can’t tell you how important it is to keep a prayer journal. So often, I have neglected it. When I take the time to record my requests, I will later find God blows me away with His answers.

I am reminded today of two things. Some of you will recognize these truths from Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. A mentor led me through the study years ago. The lessons there are forever engraved on my heart. I have often, during the last two years, remembered these two: God is active and at work all around us, and we can look to see where He is already working and join Him in His work.

Almost two years ago I knew only two things:

  • The most vulnerable among us were in crisis.
  • It mattered to God.

Falling back on those old truths, I would begin to look around to see where God was working.

I am no Bible scholar, but I have read enough to know how the story goes. Where there is oppression of the vulnerable, you can expect the next part to read something like, “Then, in steps Jesus”.

You know what is better than reading stories of redemption?

Being a part of them.

With that said, I’d like to extend an invitation. God is working all around us, and for reasons I don’t understand, He delights in working through perfectly ordinary people like you and me.

I’m gonna share a story with you. I’ll try to do it justice.

This story is just beginning, and there is a place in it for anyone who would like a front row seat to see God work.

He’s as alive as He ever was, He is at work all around us, and He invites us to join Him in His work. I’m so thankful for these truths today.


These truths, and that old prayer journal.


To be continued……



“Oh where else would we go, but with the Lord of hosts?” – Shane and Shane