Homeschool Freebie! Plant Lesson

I made it a goal to post some of my favorite things every Friday. One of my favorite things is free homeschool printables! So today I am sharing a short lesson I made on plants that has a Bible lesson included. Everything can be tied back to the Bible, right?

This is intended for young elementary kids. However, you can still use it as a review for older elementary kids by having them do further reading to go more in depth.

The lesson covers the parts of a plant, what a plant needs to grow, and why roots are important. More importantly, it ties in the idea of roots and why changing our behavior doesn’t get to the “root” of our sin problem.

This is a great reminder for kids that sin is more than “doing bad things”. We need to do more than clean up our own behavior (as if we could)! We need Jesus to get to the “root” of our problem!

I got the idea for this study while working in the flowerbed with my third grader by my side. It is a short lesson with discussion questions and a handwriting practice page. There are a million activities you could do along with it.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Go outside and have your child see how many different plants they can name
  • Have younger children cut and paste pictures of different kinds of plants
  • Open a few different kinds of fruit (or vegetables) and talk about how the seeds look different
  • Get hand-on with this craft from National Geographic
  • YouTube has lots of videos on plants parts and what a plant needs
  • Older elementary students might like this video on the Venus Flytrap
  • Older children could take it a step further by researching the carbon cycle, learning about photosynthesis, or researching the water cycle

The possibilities are endless!

Most importantly, it gives you one more teachable moment to share the Gospel with your child and relate it to everyday things around you. 


You can download the entire thing by clicking this FREE LESSON DOWNLOAD link.

To save on ink you can view the lesson (which is very photo-heavy) on the computer and only print the worksheets.

So there it is! Hope you enjoy this Friday Favorite!